The Best Epic Games Video Games in 2019

It is beyond reasonable doubt that Epic Games is a powerhouse in the gaming industry. The gaming company seems to be growing bigger and better day after day. In December 2018, Epic Games surprised many of its competitors when they launched the Epic Games Store. This move came as a big blow for the digital PC Game Retail.

Over the years, Epic Game has been known for creating the best video games on the planet. Recently, they launched Fortnite, which has become quite popular amongst gaming enthusiasts. However, Fortnite is just but one of the many creative and diligent games offered by Epic Games. Here is a list of the top Epic Games video games in 2019.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite definitely had to be at the top of our list. It’s one of the main games that has gotten Epic Games to where they are currently on the Gaming Chart. This particular game boasts of quality graphics and fantastic screenplay. If you have never played Fortnite, then here is a sneak peek at it.

It kicks off when 100 players are dropped into an enormous island. The objective of the game is to remain the Last Man Standing by surviving all obstacles. You can achieve this by building defenses and discovering weapons which are hidden all over the island. Also, Epic Games do a great job at providing frequent updates where you get to unlock more items. You can make use of the Battle Pass which is offered in every season to improve your gaming experience on the battle royale.

2. Metro Exodus

When Metro Exodus exited the Steam Store, many fans wondered whether Epic Games would be able to feature it as better as Steam would. Well, Epic Games did prove a lot of people wrong and solidified itself as a real contender in the gaming world. You will fall in love with Metro Exodus the minute you check out its trailer.

This fantastic game embraces the path of a first-person shooter who stealthily survives horror and terror. You are required to lead the character from Moscow and visit other parts of the world while engaging in different adventures. The game is inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky.

3. The Division 2

You might be familiar with The Division franchise since this title was also obtained by Epic Games from Steam. If you love Combat missions, especially in an urban setting, then The Division 2 is the right game for you. This game features all the best aspects of the original game, and Epic Games have gone an extra length of creating more vibrant and exciting scenes.

The gameplay features you being a highly trained agent who aims at liberating Washington DC before the city is brought down by civil war. Explore the thrills of modern warfare with or against friends. You also get plan your missions strategically and use the White House as your base.

4. Oxenfree

Do you love horror infused with some drama? Then Oxenfree is an excellent game that will keep you thrilled and busy. The storyline involves a group of teenagers who travel to Edwards Island, which is an old military base for a night party. Things start to go wrong when Alex, the main character, starts hearing strange voices on his radio.

From this point, you can direct the story at different key points. The reason why most people love this game is because the storyline is not fixed. There are several ways on how you can direct the story to end.

5. Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica was a massive hit back in the day. Epic Games have released the Subnautica: Below Zero which is an entirely new game but still embraces the original Sabnautica theme. In the Sabnautica game, you crash on a remote planet that was wrecked years ago, and it’s mostly covered in water. It is up to you to navigate through this environment and survive. You also try to figure out why your ship crashed and how you can get it working once more.
The Sabnautica below zero also brings you to a new set of adventures. The character must dive deep into the cold water into an alien planet to explore the critters that live in the freezing ocean.

6. The Walking Dead

Epic Games have also not been left behind in touching on the Zombie Apocalypse narrative. This game follows two characters, Lee and Clementine who travel across Georgia linking up with survivors and fighting off zombies. This is the right game for you to play if you have watched many Zombie movies and have always wondered how it would feel to fight them off.
You can find all four episodes of the Walking Dead adventures at Epic Games. This is inclusive of the final season of the Walking Dead.

7. Satisfactory

Though it’s still in early access, Satisfactory is an excellent game with awesome graphics. Have you always wanted to explore a new world? Then this game allows you to do so. You can have lots of fun as you discover new resources and set up machines to process them. Satisfactory is also a game that allows you to interact with ‘aliens’. If you a fan of operating machines then this game is suitable for you.

8. What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch, is a game full of many mysteries. It is a complex stack of mismatched buildings which is a representation of the complicated family that once resided there. The game requires you to enter the house so that you can start learning more about the family and the curse that led to the unusual death of family members. The game is quite intense. However, each family member portrays a unique vignette that allows you to understand the personality of each one of them. It starts slow but with the time you get to understand what the Finches are all about fully.

Are you looking for the best Epic Games video games? Then make use of our comprehensive list of the best Epic Games video games in 2019. Moreover, you can find more exclusive games at Epic alongside other great giveaways. In an era where every developer is introducing a launcher for their games, Epic Games are likely to face stiff competition. This is however, good news for gamers since we can expect better games.

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