The Top 6 Upcoming Video Games

Wondering which are the top upcoming video games that you need to get your hands on this year? It doesn’t matter whether you own a PS4 or an Xbox One, it’s no secret that you are looking forward to the upcoming video games that you can try out. We will talk about all the games you would love to play.

The Top Video Games to Try Out This Year

Now, we won’t be talking about the regular ones here. We know, for instance, that there will be reviews about the FIFA 20. Instead, we are going to talk about the games that aren’t as popular but definitely ones that you need to look forward to.

Before we start the list though, we would like to mention that one of the best games of the year has already been released. Resident Evil 2 was released back in January. The franchise, which has been going robust since 1996, still has a lot to offer.

In the game, you get the real deal about zombies- the slow and groaning kind. While you might want to shoot and kill them, it’s not as easy as it sounds. With the new Resident Evil game, the going gets a little tougher. It has some great new elements and ones you are surely going to love.

The Top 6 Upcoming Video Games You Need to Look Forward to

If you have a love for video games, then this is the right article for you. Here is a look at 10 of the best video games which you should not miss out in 2019.

#1. New Super Mario Bros U. Switch

The remake of the Super Mario Bros by Switch is a remarkable game. There are a couple of new characters in the game as they explore the Mushroom Kingdom. If you love the Super Mario world, there can be no better time than this year. In fact, reports suggest that the game will look at the Mario world differently, and you can only download some levels at a time.


#2. Tetris 99

Another game by Switch is Tetris 99 which is something new to the Classic game. The game is free to play making it convenient for everyone.



#3. Division 2

The Division by Tom Clancy is a game which gives us an insight into the apocalyptic future. The storyline is quite remarkable which will keep you addicted. It’s an adventure RPG shooter game, and has both the Campaign and Co-op mode available. You get to try out your skills against other division agents, offering unique player experiences you will fall in love with. You can play it on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

#4. Devil May Cry 5

You favorite characterYourrfavouritere back; Dante and Nero. There is also a new character V. You can play the game on platforms such as PS4, Windows and Xbox One.


#5. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

This game explores fictional kingdoms in the world of Strangereal. You play as pilot who is framed foa r the murder of a politician. You opt to join a penal suicide squad so that you can survive. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

#6. Sunless Skies.

Imagine flying in a floating London? Sounds incredible right? Then Sunless Skies is the game that you need to be playing. It is available on Windows and Mac.

Which one of these games do you want to try out this year? Are you a racing fan or sports buff? We liked the Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 the most. They bring around the same essence that we have got from the prequel, and manages to make it better.

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